Seriously guys don’t ignore this like the media is. 

The City Centre of Glasgow is over run with protesters, people are setting off flares and attacking each other, police tried to form a human barrier to prevent the rioters from spreading, Unionists were burning the Saltire, there are claims that someone may have been stabbed. And the news sites aren’t reporting this. 

This city was my home for half a year and it’s absolutely killing me that people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on right now. 

Seriously, I watched major news channels for three hours today and this is getting ignored. Only sky news mentioned this, but called it “good humoured” and “boisterous.”


Please get out of the city centre, or if you have to be there, avoid Buchanan Street and George Square. Be safe!

Don’t watch the link I posted if violence is triggering.


Hey Everyone!


So today is a big day for Scotland. I know people are starting to get fed up of hearing about it but it’s an important couple of days we have ahead of us and we will almost have our answer. For me it’s been a long two years and since I started getting interested I felt like voting day would never arrive. I will be casting my vote soon and I hope you all will or have done. It looks like it’s going to be a great turn out and that makes me proud that so many people care enough to get involved in this. It’s struck some fire into people. The referendum has sparked debates, discussion and interest in what happens in our society which I hope doesn’t fade after what happens. Over the last couple of weeks in particular things have got a little intense and have had minority occurrences of disrespectful behaviour but it has been a minority. No matter what the result is tomorrow morning one side are going to be extremely happy and the other side not so happy but we have to remain respectful to each other and remember that we all have to live with each other whether we remain part of the UK or not. Good luck to everyone. 

PS: In case I do indeed post more posts about this Scottish Independence Referendum as it is a massive event I shall tag it YKYSW: IndyRef if anyone would rather blacklist it. I will also be remaining unbiased as much as I possibly can.